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Duct Probes for Air Volume measurement

Duct Probes for Air Volume measurement

Static and Total Duct Probes (Alu)Static and Total Duct Probes (Alu)

Total and Static Pressure Air Duct Probes are made of Aluminium with a swaged flange and are designed for mechanical strength to withstand also higher temperatures. There is a straight static probe which can measure simply static pressure either positive or negative. The total pressure probe is bend at the end to 90 degrees to face the air flow to provide an impact pressure. If the static and the total pressure probe can be connected to a PS-Pressure Switch or a Pressure Transmitter to obtain a air velocity measurement, which can be used for alarming or controlling an air volume or velocity. Custom made probes are also available in Stainless Steel or Plastic.

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Duct Flow Probes (Alu)Duct Flow Probes (Alu)

CMR is the manufacturer and designer of the Duct Flowprobes. All Duct Flowrobes are normally made for stock in standard sizes to fit round spiral ducting. They can be made to measure to suit any type of application on request. They are constructed of alluminium extrusions and are suitable for smaller ducts or attenuators. The Duct Flowprobes are easily installed in new or retro-fit installations by simply cutting a round hole into the duct and the mounting bracket is fitted with a gasket to seal the probes into round, oval or flat ducts. They can be mounted as a cross into round ducts and CMR provides a manifold for easy installation and averaging. When mounted into the air stream they provide an excellent differential velocity pressure. The duct flow probes can be epoxy coated.

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Oval Flowprobes Air volume Measurement in Attenuators (Alu)Oval Flowprobes Air volume Measurement in Attenuators (Alu)

CMR is the manufacturer and designer of the Oval Flowprobes. All Oval Flowrobes are made to measure. They are made in two sizes of alluminium extrusions and can be supplied for attenuators standard up to 3m in height or width. Special dimensions are available. The Oval Flowprobes are easily installed in new or retro-fit installations and have special spring loaded mounting brackets to fit them in between the the top and bottom of the attenuator passage way to be in the air stream to provide a laminar differential velocity pressure. The probes shall be fitted into the attenuator either on the entrance or exit side, depending on access. Ideally, they should be fitted into each passage way, to obtain an accurate total air volume. CMR supplies a tube manifold to connect all Oval flow probes together. The Oval flow probes can be epoxy coated for special applications.

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