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AHU Control and Monitoring Systems for Clean Rooms and Laboratories

AHU Control and Monitoring Systems for Clean Rooms and Laboratories

DPC Pressure and Volume Control PanelDPC Pressure and Volume Control Panel

The DPC panels which contain stand alone DPC controllers for variable volume room pressure control and constant supply volume control to maintain airchange rates. They can also be used for constant volume fresh air controls. All DPC panels are mass produced and pre-drilled and cut and then painted. The doors have always cut outs for the DPM pressure or volume transmitters which are tubed to the bulk head nipples located on the top of the panel. An isolator and circuit breakers for 230V are fitted as standard and all individual DPC controller circuits are fused so that in case one controller fails, the others shall carry on working. All analogue and digital in and outputs are wired to terminals and can be disconnected from the field equipment via the spade switches built into the terminal. All DPC controllers can be connected via analogue and via Modbus rtu to the PLC or BMS for easy communications.

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DPM  Pressure and Volume Monitoring Panel DPM Pressure and Volume Monitoring Panel

The DPM monitoring panel is mass manufactured and pre-drilled and cut and painted. The door houses the DPM pressure and air volume transmitters and alarm contacts. All transmitters are wired to terminals on the back plate which can be used to connect to external LED alarm plate indicators, chart recorders 0..10V or 4..20mA or other monitoring computers. A modbus rtu communication is always standard. Additional external instruments can be incorporated to provide a central power supply and termination facility. All instruments can be connected to dedicated monitoring software i.e. Siemens WinCC Scada or other Scada software.

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PLC Laboratory Air Management  Control PanelPLC Laboratory Air Management Control Panel

CMR manufactures a complete compact Siemens PLC control system for Clean Rooms, CL3 and CL4 Labs and general Laboratory Air Management Control Applications. The system is is mass produced . The master PLC panel is 800mm wide x 1900mm high and 400mm deep. The HMI display screen is built into the door and connected directly to the PLC. The back plate is manufactured in a production line and all holes and tappings are pre-drilled on a CNC machine which means the position and accuracy is always the same. The door cut outs are also pre-machined. The cable entry point at the top is also pre-machined and a movable clamp is fitted to guide all cables into the panel. The terminal rails are always in vertical position, to allow cables to come in from the top and bottom. The cables can be terminated with all screens to comply with EMC. An isolator and cicuit breakers for the incomimng 230V single phase is standard and each control circuit is fused. The terminals are fitted in groups i.e. if a damper motor is to be connected, all associated terminals are in one group together for easy commissioning. Each terminal has a spade switch so that the field device can be isolated without removing the wires. The panels are completely pre-commissioned and factory tested and ready for operation on site.

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