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Air Pressure and Volume Transmitters - Displays and Alarms  for industrial  Ventilation SystemsAir Pressure and Volume Transmitters - Displays and Alarms for industrial Ventilation Systems

The new P-SENSOR and V-SENSOR with LCD Display Pressure and  Volume TransmitterThe new P-SENSOR and V-SENSOR with LCD Display Pressure and Volume Transmitter

P-Sensor data sheet ... (PDF)
V-Sensor data sheet ... (PDF)

The P-Sensor with LCD display and user keyboard has been launched some time ago and has had substantial success. The instruments have been installed in quite a number of major projects in many countries in Europe and are well proven. The main benefits for the users are :

Alpha-Numeric Graphic LCD Display...
which means the user can easily view the operating menus, actual measurement display in the required units.

Measurement and Control Output ....
which means the P-Sensor with LCD display is capable of measuring pressure and air volume for monitoring purposes and has also a built-in PID loop which can control damper actuators and fan speed inverters with a separate analogue output

Alarm Output...
which means the P-Sensor with LCD display can provide a high or low alarm LED display and can transmit this alarm via modbus rtu to the central Scada or BMS System.

Remote Display of Pressure and Alarm..
which means a CMR remote display plate can be fitted via the Modbus rtu communication port and the actual value is displayed identically on the plate as on the LCD Display on the P-Sensor as it is transferred digitally. A remote alarm mute button is also provided on the display plate.

Modbus rtu Communication...
which means the Modbus rtu network communication can be connected to any external control or monitoring system and yet still provide local alarms and control outputs. All set points and mute can be controlled from the central computer system.

The P-Sensor is supplied with a linearity of 0.25% and it comes complete with a UKAS traceable calibration certificate as all other CMR transmitters,

Main Features in short

Auto zero for high accuracy at very low airvolumes
Overload protection
Air Volume measurent in many units such as m/s, m3/s, m3/h, l/s or ACR (Airchange Rate)
Duct size input for round, square or rectangular ducts for accurate air volume calculations.
Flowprobe magnification factor or K-Factor input.
Signal output and separate Display smoothing.
Pressure measurement indication in Pa, mB, kPa (Imperial Units on request)
Dual output 0..10V - 4..20mA
Modbus rtu communication for Central Scada or BMS interface
One signal output can be switched to PID control
One signal output can be used for monitoring.
Ukas traceable calibration certificate is standard.

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