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PVR-M Airtight Venturi Valves(PPs)
PVR Airtight Venturi Control Valve in PPs

PVR Venturi Valve data sheet ... (PDF)

The PVR round valves are manufactured of PPs with a Venturi air volume measurement device built in. They can all be equipped with the CMR medium or fast speed electric actuators. All valves can be fitted with pneumatic actuators which are faster then 2s for a 60 degree rotation. The venturi provides an accurate air volume measurement and is factory calibrated and any DPC , P-Sensor , V-Sensor or DPM can be connected. The dampers are air tight to DIN 1946 Part 4. Counter flanges and Gaskets can also be supplied as an optional.

0 to 565 m3/h
0 to 157 l/s

0 to 883 m3/h
0 to 245 l/s

0 to 1390 m3/h
0 to 387 l/s

0 to 2262 m3/h
0 to 628 l/s

0 to 2863 m3/h
0 to 795 l/s

0 to 3535 m3/h
0 to 982 l/s

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