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CVR - Constant Volume Valves
Constant Volume Valves 80 to 400 mm Dia.

CVR Constant Volume Valve data sheet ... (PDF)

The CVR round mechanical constant air volume valves are manufactured of galvanised sheet metal and are supplied ready for installation. The air volume set point is factory adjusted but can easily be changed via an indicating dial on site. There is a built in shock absorber which eliminates any bouncing of the mechanical air volume control damper caused by turbulent air. The shock absorber provides clean air volume flow at all times. The CVR works between a minimum back pressure of 50Pa and a maximum of 1000 Pa. If a constant volume has been adjusted to 500m3/h and the operating pressure is 250 Pa and the pressure changes suddenly to 1000 Pa, the valve would adjust instantly to always provide 500 m3/h regardless of the changing back pressure. A motor driven unit is available to change the set point from remote which is ideal if a variable volume control is to be achieved. The motor can be used in conjunction with the DPC controllers and is ideal for night set back energy saving.

40 to 125 m3/h
11 to 35 l/s

70 to 220 m3/h
19 to 62 l/s

100 to 280 m3/h
27 to 80 l/s

150 to 400 m3/h
41 to 112 l/s

170 to 450 m3/h
47 to 125 l/s

180 to 500 m3/h
50 to 138 l/s

200 to 600 m3/h
55 to 167 l/s

250 to 900 m3/h
69 to 250 l/s

500 to 1600 m3/h
138 to 445 l/s

800 to 2800 m3/h
222 to 777 l/s

900 to 3200 m3/h
250 to 888 l/s

1000 to 4000 m3/h
277 to 1111 l/s

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